Meet Next Generation 911 requirements by embedding ipTTY into your existing application.

ipTTY SDK Features

Tenacity offers an ipTTY Software Development Kit (SDK) for customers interested in embedding our baudot software modem into their existing applications. The ipTTY SDK comes with


  1. Programmers Guide
    • Overview and Use Cases
    • Development Environment
    • Getting Started (developing your first "hello world" type application.
    • Deployment Runtime and dependencies
  2. API Functional Reference Guide
    • Every function listed with details on calling parameters
    • Code snippets showing how the function is used

Sample Application Source Code

  1. Simple VoIP Softphone
    • A stripped down ipTTY-like application demonstrating how to initialize the SDK as a SIP Softphone to place and receive phone calls and transmit and receive text.
  2. Simple Baudot Modem
    • An application that detects baudot text from a computer’s microphone and transmits baudot text through a computer’s speaker.
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