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Dr. Vreeland Family

Dr. Thomas H. Vreeland, owner and founder of Tenacity, Inc. became interested in telephony and communication in college. He was able to marry his love of medicine and technology by becoming a physician, specializing in Radiology. He continued pursuing his fascination with technology to help solve problems in radiology. This pursuit of technology and innovation gave birth to an extremely successful and pioneering teleradiology company, which was conceived in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1997. Over the next seven years, Dr. Vreeland developed a team of excellence, which revolutionized the nation’s manner in communicating preliminary radiology reports to hospitals across the nation. In November 2004, Dr. Vreeland merged/sold this company with another service provider, which is now the current leader in teleradiology in the United States. Dr. Vreeland continues to practice radiology for this merged company, which provides services to hundreds of hospitals throughout the United States.

The reasons for the success of his first company were founded in recognition of the need in the medical community, in devising an efficient and excellent system to address the need, and in the tenacity and drive to overcome all obstacles. Belief in core values and the tenacity to stay the course were considered the most crucial factors leading to the first company’s success. In recognition of these core values and the company’s drive to succeed, Dr. Vreeland proposed that the new company be named Tenacity.

Tenacity wanted to find a worthy need, utilize the skills of its employees to answer this need, and start the process of developing a system to efficiently and completely satisfy this need. After several months of searching, the new company realized that current communications solutions were not accessible and usable by people with various disabilities and that willing, qualified workers were therefore unable to function in the 21st Century office environment as efficiently as their non-disabled peers. After some consideration, Tenacity’s management team agreed that people with disabilities and functional limitations were being unfairly denied the opportunity to experience and harness the full power of today’s communications technology, and Tenacity became dedicated to solving the needs for functionally accessible communications. It began developing functional accessibility software for VoIP / PBX telephony technology as its first project. In less than 18 months, Tenacity has developed accessaphone™ – one of the most sophisticated, yet user friendly and powerful software applications to assist end users with current VoIP products.

Although the initial purpose began by filling an unmet need, the passion to fulfill this need within the employees and management at Tenacity has exploded. The need for creating better software and more accessible products cannot be overemphasized. The unemployment rate within the community of willing and qualified workers with disabilities in estimated to be well above 50%. Yet, the relative percentage workers with disabilities in the government or private industry has actually declined in the past decade. As office technology becomes more and more advanced, less attention is focused by manufacturers to develop Universal Design solutions that are usable by everyone, making it even harder for those with disabilities to find new employment or perform their current jobs functions.

Many current telephony companies have tried to address this growing problem, but due to all the considerations of marketing and development, most companies tend to provide only partial solutions. However, Tenacity has made functional accessibility and usability our only business - our core business imperative. We will work with each and every telephony vendor to develop more accessible communication products until all people can communicate equally - anywhere, anytime, anyplace. We are working on comprehensive solutions to serious problems and will continue to expand as needed, until our objective is achieved. We believe that society wants accessible telephony and will stop at nothing less until each person can communicate freely with anybody else, regardless of disability, functional limitation or barrier.

We are a small company and we plan to stay small in physical numbers; however, our services will be exceedingly large. When you call Tenacity, you will readily be able to communicate with real people. We listen. We implement good solutions and strive to make those solutions functionally accessible and fully usable. We are young and will always stay young at heart. We are maturing quickly in the telecommunication software industry. We accomplished a great deal in our first 18 months… but it is just the beginning. We are and will be tireless in our pursuit and have the talent, creativity and tenacity to implement the necessary solutions to achieve our objectives, and exceed our customers' expectations. The strength of Tenacity comes in its ability to listen, to plan, to implement, to modify, and to relentlessly pursue improvements in accessibility and usability. Our best resource at Tenacity is our team, our people. We believe America’s best resource is its people and the freedoms that all deserve to enjoy, equally.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

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