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Stance on Compatibility

Our goal is to make every telephone, regardless of manufacturer, accessible. We work with several vendors to help them meet usability and accessibility requirements.

Any manufacturer not on this list but wishes to be, please contact us to discuss how we might work together.

Cisco Compatibility

Our application is based on the Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI). Cisco has chosen to support this API in depth. For this reason, accessaphone works very well with Cisco.

Unified Communications Manager Version accessaphone ipTTY
CUCM version 9 Compatible Compatible
CUCM version 10 Compatible Compatible
CUCM version 11 Compatible Compatible
CUCM version 12 Compatible Compatible

** The Cisco TAPI driver (required software) does not support Windows Vista or later unless you are running CUCM version 8.6 or later.

Compatible Cisco Phones

accessaphone works using the following Cisco phones.

  • IP Communicator
  • 6900 Series
  • 7800 series
  • 7900 Series
  • 8800, 8900 and 9900 Series

Other Compatible Systems

While we are compatible with many of these vendors, not all features may be supported. Tenacity recommends test driving the application you are interested in before a purchase is made to ensure your requirements are met.

Manufacturer Name accessaphone Status ipTTY Status
Allworx Compatible Compatible
Avaya Compatible 1 Compatible
iCore Compatible Compatible
Mitel Compatible 1 Compatible
NEC Compatible Untested
Shortel Compatible Compatible
Siemens Compatible 1 Untested
Tadiran Compatible Compatible
Toshiba Compatible 2 Untested
3CX (Asterisk) Compatible 3 Compatible
RingCentral Untested Compatible
OneCloud Untested Compatible

1 Requires a 3rd party TAPI driver.

2 Requires a USB key from Toshiba.

3 Requires a SNOM Phone along with a 3rd party TAPI driver.

Phone system accessible?

Is your phone system accessible? It may not be. Check out our litmus test to verify.

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