our Philosophy

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As our name implies, at Tenacity we are passionate about our values and determined to make the world a more accessible and user-friendly place. Our mission is to enhance life at home, work, and on the go by improving the interaction between people and technology. Our method as an organization is to create and implement outstanding solutions that foster equality and inclusion and contribute to the well being of society.

We have also identified certain values to assist us in our mission: honesty, enthusiasm, acceleration, respect and tenacity.


As representatives of Tenacity, we will maintain the highest standards of ethical and moral integrity in everything we do.


We are dedicated to our customers, partners, community and each other. In today’s complicated world, we are passionate about making the most intuitive and functional products. We are fervent about maintaining each person’s dignity and leaving no one behind.


Tenacity is socially progressive. We take pride in our continued awareness of customer needs, changing technologies and innovation. We pledge to produce advanced products and services that promote universal design as an industry standard.


Teamwork at Tenacity is a process that combines personal accountability with effective collaboration to achieve the company’s mission. Each employee respectfully contributes their skill, talent and expertise to maximize results that substantially benefit vendors, partners and customers.


Tenacity is committed to the principle of inclusion for all people. With persistent determination, the company continues to overcome and design solutions for the obstacles to universal accessibility our customers face through the creation of successful products and services.

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    Omaha, NE 68127
  • P: 337-735-9500
    TTY: 337-735-9510
  • Toll Free: 866-756-0321
  • F: 337-735-9501
  • sales@tenacitycorp.com