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Telephony Accessibility Software Company

Tenacity designs, engineers and sells accessible telephony applications for the workplace to government and private organizations direct as well as through resellers. These applications are designed to

1. enhance, and in some cases, simplify access to complex features on the phone

2. provide Section 508-compliant telephony solutions including compatibility with assistive technology, and

3. leverage the investment in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the network infrastructure thus improving ROI.

1. Communicate. Simply.

Our suite of products is designed to assist any organization with accessibility requirements today. These requirements could be for users who are

Vision, Mobility or Cognitively Impaired......... accessaphone
Deaf or Hard of Hearing......... ipTTY
Learning to use a new phone......... accessaphone

2. Compliance Assistance

Our applications assist phone manufactures in meeting their Section 255 compliance and respective customers in meeting their Section 508 compliance.

3. Cost Savings

In many enterprises, the cost to communicate using TTY for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing or Video for the Deaf who speak sign language can be substantial. Our estimates are around $20-30 per month for TTY and $40-50 per month for separate access via private Cable/DSL to the Video Relay Service. Using the Accessibility Resolution solution along with leveraging your existing VoIP and Network infrastructure, those costs can be reduced to almost nothing.

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